Why You Could Be Failing in Life?

You know in your mind that you are a very, very hard-working person.
But after every venture or attempt to nurse an idea into the future, what do you get?


You ask close family members, friends or even colleagues,  “what could be going wrong”?
Some of them will proffer what they perceive to be the solution.

Some may not even understand what you are talking about.

Let me tell you, the root cause of the problem could be that

you have been telling people –especially those close to you about your idea.
And some of them may not necessarily want the best for you.

A new idea is very fragile at birth.  If you can keep it away from
familiar people until it is matured, that will be wise of you.

Yes, you may ask, what about if you want somebody to critique such an idea.

I will suggest, you do that with people not too close to you.

Share your experience below about this topic.

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