Why Some Artworks Are Expensive and Cheap

Two art works may appear the same.

Painted by two different artists.

You almost couldn’t differentiate the works.

How come both carry a lot of differences in prices?


It is been argued or concluded that the artist

long standing reputation and demand of his works

is one of the biggest indicators of price differences.

A simple line drawn by a Picasso and signed in the art world

would go at a much higher price than

a newbie drawing diligently the same line.

So it takes time to command higher fees.

The more consistent an artist is, the higher the demand
for the work and therefore
having a following.

The nurtured tribe
commands a higher price.

A work does not stand alone even if it is very good.

And of course amongst many other reasons,

a stroke of luck beckons,
if a person of influence
stumbles on an emerging artist
and collects such works.

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