Some Secrets About Designer Perfumes

Do you like to mix your perfumes on a few occasions, maybe.
Being different? Unique … in your smell that lasts?

Come with me...

Now, most designer perfumes are made by just a few companies across the world.
A designer suggests a combination of different ingredients, known as notes.
The designer as a celebrity or a business can brand such with their name of choice.

Why are designer-perfumes expensive?

Rightly so, it is because the brands spend a lot of money on marketing — across the world.
They produce expensive bottles, packages and pay for celebrity endorsements.
A few perfumes contain very rare ingredients, though.

Can you have the ‘SAME SMELL’
as a designer fragrance, at an affordable price?

The answer is, Yes, for many fragrances.
The same global producers make SAME fragrance oils just as the designers.
Some small perfume sellers can buy these oils and brand these smell-alike differently.

This is what we do here…
We get our perfume oils from the importers sourced from

the same companies in Europe.

But we take it a step further…
We research the top, middle and base notes to have an idea of content.
We work out ratios or portions of mixing them together
as two, three or four to give an agreeable smell and experience.

The crafting gives possibilities of an unlimited formulation.

It is this creative uniqueness, you will be enjoying
from our products, subject to available stock.

You may even get a hint or two of that expensive designer perfume
you had used before.

Look at some ideas ... may be you want to enjoy
that unique experience of our craft.

Have you seen my arts and shop mart?

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