What Is The Best Perfume For Men

In my opinion, there is nothing like the best perfume for anybody!

There are thousands of scents or fragrances out there, no doubt.

But when you enter a perfume store near you or
choose to buy a perfume online
the varieties can be very intimidating.

You probably don’t know what to pick.


Having said that…

Let me give you a short guide.


  • The fragrance you like could be because
    you like it on someone.
    If you are not restrained, you could ask the wearer
    to give you the name provided the price is within your budget.


  • And again, by following your intuition,
    you could also try a few small bottles
    at the store
    or order for some online and eventually pick or two.


  • The scent of the most advertised or
    the very expensive perfumes

    do not necessarily mean you’ll like them.
    Therefore, discovering your choice is about looking
    for the personality you want to project.


  • Men tend to go for deep notes such as the Oud or musky ones.
    They also tend to be long-lasting fragrances after the top and
    heart notes would have worn off.


  • At times, you may just want to try products of sweet
    and feminine in nature.

    They could also be flowery in nature.
    It all boils down to your different moods or occasions.


  • There are people who go after a scent they had a whiff of
    many years in the past.

    Such reminds them of an event in their life,
    someone or an experience.
    So your choice of perfume is very personal.

    And it should not be affected by price or
    how popular
    the commercial advertisement is

    It doesn’t have to be expensive.


  • And again people tend to look for long lasting perfume

    that covers you many hours or days.

    But there are some products with subtle scent and
    that means you have a bottle with you to pat your body
    with during the course of your day.

    Subtle sweet smelling tends to wear out quickly.


So the choice is yours and it’s all about your personality.

Since you are unique,

luckily you can discover your own preference

amongst the many scents out there, waiting for you.

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