This Is Not The Way To Threaten Bad People

There are very bad people whom
you can’t threaten
by wishing them dead.

You will have to wait forever,
as these unrepentant ones continue to do more damage.

They can’t be moved!

While they are aware of their evil acts and possible
repercussion of being paid back in their own coins,
some of them strongly feel nothing bad will come their way.

It is their perception of life.

So what do you do, when you find such unrepentant
and wicked people in your circle or society?

Simply treat them like a bull in a china shop!

Before they carry out more irreparable damage,
you have to avoid them or simply lure them out.

Then, isolate them.

In addition, if you can,
make them lose their nefarious power
of creating more

You deserve fresh air instead of this people.

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