These Are The Steps To Your Success -That’s A Lie

When they tell you this is how we made it.

These are the steps they took until their breakthrough.

You should note them.

But wait a minute…

Remember your circumstances may be VERY different from the
speaker or writer!

Then how do you get the best from their magic wand of success?

Just look around for more thoughts, including interviews.
I love interviews more than autobiographies.
Unprepared interviews allow for honest slips and facts. 

Join the dots of recurrent thoughts from books and other media.


Make your note and add them to your intuitive
and logical steps to take to hit your goals.

Of course they must be subject to your OWN situations wherever you are.

Apply them. And work towards your defined goals.

Your defined success.

Study the outcome.

Fine tune…

Note your failures and victories.  

Fine-tune again.

Look around for mentors or content in similar situations;
improve on your results.

Maybe a catalyst, these ‘successful authors’ wouldn’t tell you.

It must be discovered by you.

Or your luck could come to you.
That’s your golden nugget from the Heavens.
Keep it to yourself eternally.

Or release it, to your inner circle, the whole world or
at the time you so choose.

At your ripe old age, if it is still relevant.


Don’t feel guilty about it.

You can only release much to the world.
I am not saying you should propagate falsehood
about your success.


It is a competitive world.

Discover your path to your own goals
and define what you call your own success.

Sustain it.

Have you seen my arts and shop mart?

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