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Get Your Targeted Sales-Letters & Copywriting That Convert


Your sales letter or content writing should convert.

I mean it should meet your objective. Right?
But, have you considered the following salient points?

1. Do you want to create an awareness for your business or product?

2. Do you want to further educate your QUALIFIED prospects about your product or services?

3. Are you at the point where you can sell to your “now ready” … qualified prospects?

Your sales letter should AIM AT ONLY ONE of the above.
Otherwise, prospects will feel confused if all are lumped together.
They will resist your offer, even if it is the best thing for them.

(Imagine your are a prospective buyer or client, to understand what I mean.)

So, at what point are you with your prospects? Where are they in your Sales Funnel?
Your answer will determine the tone, the content and the number of words or pages that must be crafted.
That is what will guide your pitch!


• To persuade them to visit your website landing-page or your physical (offline) business premises?

• To Sign-Up and capture their emails or to register at your physical business?

• To persuade them to order your offerings through email engagements and if offline, by direct mail?

You want to take note of these clues.

We will discuss about your goals and your intention.

I will also ask you about your company’s outlook; your products or services in question.

Understanding the personality of your intended or current clients is important.
(I can help you do further research to understudy your target customer segment, if need be)
There must be a match in all of these for an effective sales copy.

*Delivery date will be discussed.

I will give you a sketch (an outline) of the first draft. If approved, the final copy is crafted and submitted.

You can send me an email now for further enquiries.


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