Knowing When Not To Lose Your Relevance

Have you observed quite a number of artistes and creatives
who in the past were very successful?

At subsequent interviews they granted,
they promise bigger projects they were planning into the future.

Now a shift is noted by a keen outside-observer.
Their promises were not being met and
their own expectations were fast disappearing.

They were competing against the natural course of events.

Things like tastes, trends and the unseen hand were taking over,
including the minds of some their target audience.

These artistes were disappearing into oblivion like dry leaves falling off a tree.

Yet on each opportune time to talk to the press, a few of them,
still promised of new works in the offing.

The same cocktails of their past content were displayed for a re-launch.

Many of these efforts failed in general acceptance!

But how come, a rebirth couldn’t take place?

A few things were missing.


They refused or did NOT know that this life demands continuous
and critical examination.

Though, only  a few survive.

So what are the lessons?

Tastes and the realities of time change in a subtle manner.

That life is in phases;

And you must know your place in its trajectory.

Be sure of what the world is saying.

Tap into its opportunities.

You can’t be in your cocoon forever.

Of course nothing lasts forever.

You can always change your path.  

And that will be on your own terms and
not out of your own ignorance.

That would go against the stream of common sense
and the act of survival.

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