Muyiwa Osifuye is the CEO and Founder of Stom & Ruby Services – a relatively new boutique management consulting and business advisory outfit.

He brings over 30 years’ of combined experience through continuous business knowledge and his erstwhile practical experience in the field of enterprise building, to improve on the present situation of businesses and their workforce.

Clients get a more robust input as a result of his diverse professional skills which he has acquired across a few and unrelated industries.

Through his own (fair) share of relative success, failures and mistakes in business, he is endowed with modest experience to give more effective advice and action plans to founders, Chief Executives and top executives, to make better decisions.

Since 1984, he has been studying enterprise building:

  • as an observant employee and a manager in different capacities,
  • as a business owner and employer of labour and
  • through business academics as a student for life.


‘Muyiwa Osifuye born in Lagos on the 6th of January 1960.
He attended Igbobi College, Lagos (‘77) Lagos and Kings College Lagos (’79).
He studied Optometry (’84) from the University of Benin and also had an MBA (’91) from the University of Lagos. He later got a diploma from the New York Institute of Photography (’02).

  • His entrepreneurial experience has spanned industries in private business consulting and advisory on medium scale business since 2003.
    He has practised in the health care sector (eye clinics) and in high-ticket commercial/art photography for multinationals in Nigeria and across the world.

Muyiwa Osifuye has authored a few books now available on Amazon which include:
(a) “The Small Business Starter’s Guide: Sharing 30 Years’ Experience on How to Build for Success”
(b) “Fast Track Your Business: 18 Steps On Ideas, Marketing, Self And Employee Management”

This has been reviewed on Channels Television, Nigeria.

This link takes you to the interview on YouTube.

He also writes business articles on this website with special articles reserved for his subscribers.
Further details on his profile and articles can be seen at LinkedIn, Medium and other websites.