I know why you are here. To size us up, if we are for real!
Every smart business person would do so. I would as a painstaking entrepreneur.
Look around the website before you come to your own conclusion.

For now, come with me ...

Anyhow, this website will be sharing "creative" marketing strategies based on my over 30 years of business experience.
I mean ideas that work  -- in real life -- for small businesses. And one or two realistic techniques that I learned from the MBA classroom.

I am here to help you wade through the unsure terrain of business -- with its path paved with mud, roses and thorns.
Experience has revealed much to me. And I am still learning.

Would you like to learn from me? To take your business to the next level of success?

I am here to help you navigate through.

You will see how our logo and philosophy capture it all, down this page.

Since my foray into business in 1984, I have had my fair share of successes and mistakes.

  • In 1994, when I started full time business, despite my MBA before then, I still craved for a coach or a mentor in business; that wasn’t a popular trend then.I was not lucky to get one. And there was no internet.
    But today, you can get educational materials, at your beck and call.

What lessons have I got to share with you?
The creative marketing strategies and tactics that actually work in the field. No hype.

Of course there are some decisions and actions you should try to avoid, as a business owner.
Be it a home office business, small or medium in scope.

Are you excited about your business? And what about the romance you have for that “magic” product idea?
The business may NOT  turn a profit or bring you cash, if nobody knows about it! It is as simple as that.

And if your prospects even know about it, you must know how to make them buy on their own volition.
No hard sell. That doesn’t work these days.
Consumers are smarter and suspicious, as we all are. Aren’t you too?

So, keep coming around to learn and use complex marketing strategies that have been broken down to simple explanations.
And of course, some other topics may crop up, timely, as the business world is quite turbulent.
You will need the latest information, out there.

However do note that there is a constant wisdom applicable to business, irrespective of where you are in the world.

I will share those materials with you, also through my timely-released weekly newsletter.
And that’s a smart way to go.

You will receive true information here about how to drive business success.
why I am doing so?  I continuously receive from others too. Hopefully, to lift part of your burden.

A ha! Don’t let anyone fool you.

This is not a guru’s website.

There is no assured path to business success but one can be mentored.  You have to discover your path.
Here you will get the inspiration to adjust the lessons according to your own circumstance.

You will act now! And that removes your frustration.
You will feel better afterwards.
It is tough. But doable.
Tough for me too.

In your marketing drive, you will also be shown you ways to avoid fatalities in your decision making, due to wrong techniques, actions and unrealistic ideas.

I am a Nigerian, based in the largest commercial city of Lagos.
Granted, different places have unique peculiarities but human nature is constant.
Be they; your customers, staff, suppliers and regulators. I could help you with smart insights.

What To Do Now

  • Look around and read the articles and come back for new content in different formats.
  • Get this report on "How To Sell To Customers -- a checklist of steps"You may start with this BUT you must take action. Don’t be fooled because of its simplicity.
    That’s years of refinement, filtered to the essential actionable basics.A single pencil stroke of Picasso was a culmination of many artistic years. And it carried a high price!
    A patron patron protested. That is what the artist was reported to have said.
    I can put a value of $14.97 or more on this download. But it is FREE for now.
  • Lest I forget you can subscribe -- to updates and insights that matter -- from my weekly newsletter.
    (If you  you have gone for the download above, not to worry, you are already on our list.)These days, tactics change so fast in today's turbulent world of business.
    Don't be caught napping.
    It is your choice and that why we don't have any annoying popup on this site.


Above is the logo of my consulting outfit.
This is my guiding philosophy


About Me

Muyiwa Osifuye was born in January, 1960.  He is the CEO and Founder of Stom & Ruby Services – a boutique marketing and business consulting outfit.

I had a degree in Optometry in1984 from the University of Benin, Nigeria.
And an MBA in 1991 from the University of Lagos.
I also got a diploma from the New York Institute of Photography in 2002.

I practiced as an Optometrist in my earlier years of career.

I worked with renowned eye surgeons and once had two eye clinics of my own.

That reminds me…
I actually “brought over” my dining chairs to my first clinic which I returned six months after, when my cash-flow stabilized.

I eventually got new chairs for the clinic. That shows, you've got no excuses, to start or improve your business.
The hustle still continues. You have got to be creative!

But I no longer practise optometry.

Thereafter, I had a successful run in the documentary and commercial photography world; in Nigeria and in a few other countries.

My works have been exhibited at the most respectable art venues in the world. Including the biggest of them all.
Just google my name. The commercial photo business handled top jobs for multinational oil companies in Nigeria and some editorial jobs for some foreign publications .

Yet I moved on again…

As Ryan Holiday -- a best seller author -- says, “The best way to become an author is to write more books, just as a true entrepreneur starts more than one business.

Now in marketing and business consulting.
This is another phase in my career; to help small businesses like yours succeed.

Without work-life balance, it is a depressing existence.  Therefore, I give inspiration content elsewhere.
But that is outside the scope of this website.

Here it is help you with content towards getting customers to your business and making them buy, voluntarily.

Ok, there a few other things…

Here are two of my books now available on Amazon which include:

(a) "The Small Business Starter's Guide: Sharing 30 Years’ Experience on How to Build for Success"
(b) "Fast Track Your Business: 18 Steps On Ideas, Marketing, Self And Employee Management"


They have been reviewed on Channels TV, a highly respected television station in Nigeria.

This link takes you to the interview on YouTube.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn,

And read some articles at Medium and other websites.

You can follow me on twitter and I will do same if you tweet at me you came from here.




If you have a biased mind, against me being a Nigerian, please you may be excused from this website. I will repeat; we also carry out our own due diligence before engaging in any business interactions.

Even when you are on a time-out from your business, your muse can tap on your shoulder anytime. You may need to jot down some points of inspiration.

Entrepreneurship is life for many.
It one of the most powerful weapons for relevance, dignity and independence for many. However, it may not be for everybody. I didn't realise so, until late.
But circumstances may force it on you if you must survive in this world.