Marketing plan strategy

Get Your Customised “Creative” Marketing Plan That Sells

No Sales? No profit. Then, No business!

You have tried some marketing strategies but they are not working.
(Let us agree here, that there is a market for your product, otherwise no strategy will work.)

Now is the time to have a “Creative” Marketing plan - tailored to your own peculiar situation.

A plan that works in real-life.

• So how do we map out your Marketing Plan, to bring in the sales and make you more profit?

I will put together a set of customized strategies and tactics which you can act on immediately!
(This is after our prior discussion.)

I will give consideration to your resources, type of business and location.


1. I will study your product and services; give advice on how they can become attractive for purchase.

2. I will describe the various tactics to get your products in front of your targeted consumers.
You know… you can’t continue to wink in the dark!

3. I will advise how to plan and effect your pricing.
I will suggest a price, based on our discussion and my own research of your industry.

4. I will put together a publicity and promotional plan, with techniques to increase sales --
whether your business is ONLINE OR AT A PHYSICAL LOCATION.

5. I will describe how to engage your customers, suppliers and even your staff.
(For instance, in 2005 or so, two of my staff dealt a blow on a second business I set up.
Notwithstanding all the marketing efforts; the business didn’t survive two weeks. I will tell you how to guide against this.)

6. I will show how you can tap into relevant trends and fads, to stimulate demand and increase sales.

7. Your document will describe in details how to start and build business relationships and
show where this will be extremely useful.

8. And more…


I bring real-life experience that has worked-- based on over 30 years in business-- as an entrepreneur and as an observer of other businesses.
I am aware also of the marketing theories from my MBA background -- since 1991 – however some work and SOME DON’T.

I will let you know which all depends on your own unique circumstance; your business, your location and so on.

I give 100% Money-Back-Guarantee.

You can send me an email now for further enquiries.

How to easily sell to customersIf you haven't yet received our FREE report  on "How To Easily Sell To Customers"
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