How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

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You may have headaches, blurred or hazy vision which may not be resolved
with glasses or eye drops but relief could come your way, from where you least expect.

Don’t be surprised, it happens.

Let me share these three stories with you. Funny but serious at the time!
They are real life experiences I had with three patients over 20 years ago.

(I have retired from practicing as an Optometrist though)

  1. In 1995 or so, I had examined a short-sighted medical student
    who repeatedly complained about headaches despite the new glasses
    that were prescribed, by me.
    No other eye problem was discovered.
    On each visit, he was always complaining of serious headache.

    He had much workload as a medical student as he was starting his clinical years.
    It took some months before I got to the root cause of his problem.

You would ask me, “What could have been the cause of his eye and headache?”

It took a while to dig deep, to discover that he was seriously skipping meals
on campus because he didn’t have enough pocket money.

His sponsor was a struggling sibling too.

Somehow the extra funding and feeding problems were resolved
after this revelation,
as I inferred these on further prodding.
He didn’t know.

And there was permanent relief. And no more headaches…
This student eventually became a specialist and
has been a medical consultant for some years now.

  • Likewise sometime in 1996 or so, a top-ranking female security officer
    had an eye that gradually went blind.

    All tests were done. No significant results.
    The cause?
    It took a while for me to discover, that a domestic issue
    had jolted her into her stressful situation.

    Luckily the two of us stumbled upon this root cause of her poor sight.


Advice and words of encouragement were given by me and
she was able to maintain a normal vision in the other eye.

  • Lastly, a 17 year old young man asked for any sunglasses for relief,
    as he complained at my clinic of seeing colors.
    I didn’t buy that conviction.

    I eventually discovered that he was on marijuana.

    Referral was made to the psychiatric hospital for management.
    He came back 3 weeks after — a happy chap– with his pink medication pills.
    His vision was back to normal.

So, if in doubt about your eye complaints, see your eye doctor.  

Ok. here we go…

There are two or three approaches used
in the treatment and management of most eye problems

  • Glasses are the most common form of relief or
  • Eye surgery, visual exercise and medications (eye drops mainly) or
  • Maybe the combination of the two above.

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Warning: See your eye doctor no matter what.

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