How To Prevent Loneliness

There comes a time in your life,
you will be isolated from your loved ones.

It could be scary for many people especially
if you are elderly or an extrovert.

What could bring about such isolation?

Many reasons.

You are posted out of base because of a new job assignment
before your loved ones join you eventually.

Your people have a cause to travel and you are “home alone”.
And it is the first time in your many years
of being in the company of your wife, husband, children,
and friends even your partner at work.

It can be debilitating if you depend on such individuals
for helping you out with tasks and companionship.

If this experience should arise, it would come.

I read of late where some people were relating
their sober feelings, as their long term friends —
having passed to the great beyond.

The emptiness that creeps in.

This applies more to the elderly though.
The true friends to relate with and
you find that you miss them even if you were at
loggerheads with such individuals.

Now this…

From now put it on your mind, the
possibility of being alone.

Start being active in things or relating with others  —
to engage yourself in your solitude
even if your loved ones and friends are still around.

Learn a skill, may be painting, crafting, writing,
gardening, sports, volunteering and so on.
Hobbies that you enjoy — that demand your
full attention even when your loved ones or
friends are just around the corner.

Be intentional about this…
Create that atmosphere once in a while.

Study the feelings you get, so that,
should such a separation either temporarily or
permanently occur, you will be able
to cope both physically and emotionally.

Activities you come up with during
“time-out” exercise, will enable
you to know yourself and
how to cope with yourself.

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