How Do You Buy Art Safely?

You can buy your art from a reputable gallery,
directly from the artist or buy from an auction house.

Today, artworks and paintings are increasingly being collected
through online gallery but you must apply caution.

Art and paintings being a physical item,
you probably want to touch and feel.

But by virtue of distance from a gallery of your choice,
or limited collections in a gallery,
then an online gallery is the way to go.

You may ask for the assistance of a genuine art expert
who could put you through.

However the final decision and choice ought to be yours.

If it is for investment purposes, it is only a guess
how the art work in question and the artist would be
in a higher demand and the future price.

And if auction houses are interested in reselling
such works that would be a welcome expectation.

If you are collecting for the joy the artwork brings you,
that is also a good thing.

In fact, in many cases, most people buy paintings for beautify
 their spaces and for emotional connections.

There are reputable online galleries or an extension of
their physical gallery of reputable ones.

What you do is take your time to go through their collections
if you are in their physical premises or through their free catalogue
if you request for them.

And again, you can browse through their websites
safely and shortlist your preferences.

And place your order for your collections.

You are only debited after receiving the work
and you are satisfied with it.

The online galleries serve as major advantages for many artists.

There are no gatekeepers being curators and gallery owners.

This is good for upcoming artist and African artists
and others around the world.
You as a collector have much choice, at your fingertips.

If an artist has built up a reputation, you can order
from his or her website.

Upcoming artists,  contemporary artists from Africa and others
use third party reputable online galleries like Saatchi
as an intermediary to sell their works.

Fine art America is another one too.

As for me my works are on the platform on Saatchi Online,
when my work is sold.

I ship to the collector and once he is happy with it;

days after, Saatchi is notified and I get paid.

Have you seen my arts and shop mart?

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