Getting Out Of My Rot

This is a short musing…

I have had much embedded inside of me,  to push out to the world — to you.

But a lot I think I want to share but have been holding back.
Procrastination? Convenience of delivery to you? Maybe.

Even as I write, I am not outlining my thoughts.

I just simply want to pour out my mind on this cathartic journey.


Because I don’t want my thoughts to disappear inside of me.
Maybe you and others out there could gain from or for us to start
conversations for mutual benefit.

I am in my early 6os.
So much I have observed in our world and still learning.

Posting on Whatspp “status” would not do justice.

Though I have a YouTube channel and should I say, Twitter
but by fits and starts.

And again, preparing my thoughts for the YouTube channel,
the mere thought of it may delay the release.

This could ultimately extinguish sharing my thoughts when they come to me.
Try I will try using that channel though.

Today, I am aware most people especially young people would rather
watch reels on Instagram or Tiktok than to read.

But that shouldn’t stop me to release my words as when convenient.

So keep an eye on new ideas as I persuade myself to write on my thoughts page
or contact me to join my mailing list to update you.

Do expect my diverse topics as I put pen to paper.

Ok, before I forget, look around the website, you may be interested
in picking a thing or two in my online shop.

Below, I will appreciate your comments or suggestions of topics I could treat.
That would be pleasantly stimulating and educative for me and others.

See you soon.

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