How Do You Handle Limitations In Your Life?

Today, many of us are not observant enough about how we could

get certain things fixed in our lives.


Let me say, here immediately that, there are certain repairs or craftsmanship

you may not be able to do very well or for safety concerns.

Discretion is the better part of valor.

My story is this…

It started a few months back, when the tap in the kitchen got bad and was dripping water over the months, annoyingly and of course, water gets wasted this way within a short period of time.

I did not like that.

I just felt I didn’t want to call a plumber in to fix it.

But my instinct told me I could do something about it or it could stop on its own

So with little twisting of the neck of the tap, it reduced for about three weeks or so.

Then the dripping annoyingly later resumed and got worse.


You could hear its musical notes from the living room.

That was when I had to pay a closer look to fix it myself as fun.

Such that if my attempt failed; at least I tried.

Then I would have to call a plumber and spend the money.


So I went under the kitchen slab, with my torch;

I identified the elbows of the plastic pipes (thank goodness for today’s technology.)

I came to realize in there that there are some things in life we just shut our minds from that are not as difficult as we think.

I went further to tap into a resource, which was the Youtube.

I watched a few DIY videos.


I borrowed a wrench.

I went out to buy the items needed.


And voila, I fixed this nagging tap of over six months or so in 10 minutes.

I saved some money and I felt proud of myself.

The broken handle to flush the toilet, I dealt with that too.

Now, I have been looking around to fix ANY plumbing problem in

the house but of course I know my limitation,

So do you limit yourself?

Have you given that problem a thought from the position of curiosity?

How have you handled some limitations in your life?

Lets get your comment below. 

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