Profound Business Advice To Organizations Struggling With
Productivity and Peak Performance!

Dear CEO / Business Owner,

No doubt, many, if not all Chief Executives need outside help from time to time.
Let me share a personal story with you…

Sometime ago, someone very close to me had a health problem that needed urgent attention.

So I went online to read about the ailment with the aim of self-treatment; to save money and time.

I came up with so many conflicting options of diagnosis and treatment. Seeing all these, I then quickly talked to myself that; picking an option would be likened to a game of chance.
And since I did not want to go that route, we sought the opinion of an orthopedic (bone) surgeon.

The ailment was treated. We knew we were in safe hands. We got relief with peace of mind.

Though gratifying the experience was, much money was spent and the many follow-up visits ensued.

In like manner, a business as an ongoing entity should avoid unrewarding moves. There are occasions when a third party could help out in solving some problems.

As a Chief Executive Officer of your organization or business, improving productivity with great organizational performance would be some of your desired goals and objectives. These are equally desired by other stakeholders of the organization.
However there are occasions you and your management could be battling some nagging corporate issues. And external input could greatly help.

As the leader of your organization, the bucks stops at your table…

As a Chief Executive, your situation could be a solitary one. On many occasions, final decisions have to be made, in a timely manner regardless of your management team—assuming you have one.

Mental “brute force” of actions won't help matters when some issues come up. Some help would be needed at one time or the other to get things done quickly and for great performance.

What every successful business leader desires, is to make an informed decision, every time.

Otherwise it would be a highly risky exercise of engaging in “trial and error”. And no smart CEO wants to go that way…


Here are some of the factors that may negatively affect
productivity and peak performance of an organization;
where time, resources and opportunities are thereby wasted:

  • You and the other decision makers might have developed a blind-spot overtime which could have prevented you from recognizing the ROOT – CAUSE OF A PROBLEM.
    You could have been battling with mere symptoms which are readily obvious to all.
  • Over familiarity of your business and its routine activities could make you miss out on some underutilized assets or opportunities.
    These prevent the achievement of the potential heights in many aspects of the organization.
    A quiet -- financial and economic -- leverage might be waiting to be discovered.
    (A periodic audit of organizational performance is advised in this wise.)
  • There are also situations where your team members or staff do hide some salient and delicate facts which might come in handy to resolve certain nagging issues objectively.
  • The routine running of the business may not give room to the management, to create sufficient time out to think through some business concerns and those you have on your worrying plate.
  • And there are many more reasons…

The Unbiased Intervention We Bring
To Improve Your Organization’s Situation

  • A fresh insight -- from over 30 years of practical experience in business and entrepreneurship -- is what we bring to help your organization.
    A look from outside your business entity, is one of the major factors that we consider, when we design solutions that are unique to your business.
  • A listening ear and asking the right questions -- in a methodical flow -- to get to the root cause of your concern and problems.
    Options of solutions are delivered to allow you make your preferred best choice.
  • There are no pre-packaged solutions. The solutions given are uniquely yours, customized to meet the goals and objectives of every project. These solutions are points of actionable tasks.
    No theoretical and academic jargon. (You and your team don't need that additional stress or punishment.)
  • With the well informed solutions in your hands, your own self-esteem and that of your management team are further assured; and applauded by other staff and stakeholders.That reduces anxiety and saves your time. Your resources and other opportunities are optimized for productivity and peak performance of the company.
  • Your information is held with utmost confidentiality.

A Few Testimonials.*

"I am so glad for your professional advice in the establishment of my cmpany"

Abiodun 'Kunle Adeyanju (P.Eng)
(CEO, Provost Renewable Energy Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada)

"I am extremely happy I had this chat with you.
I think the services you offer is wonderful and highly needed"

(Dentist, Ibadan, Nigeria)


"That's a brilliant idea, I never thought of..."

(CEO, Ya**h-G Global Insurance Brokers, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria)


"Definitely you have what it takes to turn businesses around,
really you have revived my consciousness from "service lane to fast lane", I have re-engaged the front gear!"

Sam Oladipupo
(CEO, An insurance brokerage Firm, Lagos, Nigeria)


"My wife and I did not know that the name of the business was limiting...restrictive..."

Abbas A.
(CEO, A restaurant and Food Outlet - Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria)

* Full details of above can be supplied on request.

Notes of Engagement

  • We engage with the CEO and/or a designated decision-maker who has the final authority to initiate an assignment with us.
  • We are young but we have experienced much over 30 years in the business world. Our service is about developing a long term relationship -- working with you – to assist your organization in reaching greater heights.
  • There are occasions we may not have accurate answers to some issues.
    Before we take any project, be assured, you will be told without much ado. However, other channels or routes could be suggested if we are aware of any.
  • Without execution; no consulting, coaching or idle reports would bring your goals to reality. We advise that the actionable tasks as provided should be carried out!
  • For any “Get-rich-quick” or unethical schemes -- in whatever guise – we are sorry, we wouldn’t be of service. So we pass those ones…

How Is The Service Delivered?

  • Where applicable and feasible, we work with your available systems, processes and resources (including your cherished staff) to meet the defined goals and objectives. Skills and new knowledge are thereby transferred to your organization beyond the life time of the project work.
  • As mutually agreed, all details of formats and mode of delivery would have been discussed for your convenience.
  • Since ours is a boutique and independent management consulting service, we can only do much at a time. And we work fast to meet reasonable deadlines. This might spread over a period…it depends.

    Therefore, clients will be attended to on a first-come and first-served basis. This is to prevent any form of dilution of your ongoing-projects at hand and to avoid distraction.
    You will be given a schedule as confirmed by you. No surprises! We are sure you will understand.

The Management Consulting Fees and Mode of Payment

  • The details will be discussed with you before the project is initiated.
    However our fees are subject to the relative value and gains brought to your organization per project objectives and goals.

All the options will be described in the proposal before your approval.

  • Depending on some circumstances, we may waive the initial consultation fees.
    (This is not the project fees, please.)
    No fixed fees. And there is no hourly fee.


You can tell me what I can do for your business.

Please Send me an email Now:
Subject Line: “Request Management Consulting”.

I will get back to you when I receive your email.

Thank you.


Optometry-84, MBA-91

(Stom & Ruby Services)
Lagos, Nigeria

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