How To Get The Best From Your Employee Training

Think a second… Are your employee trainings giving you immediate results? Maybe or maybe not.
Look up many courses and their content. You will see over-flogged theories. But some of these are needed, where relevant.

Many dwell too much on frivolities … the syllabus being too heavy. Your staff don’t need to be back in school, in the strict sense of it.

They are simply employees who just need new skills. Now.

To serve the company and the market. And to empower themselves at the same time.

In the curriculum, you will see the delay in getting to the point – that is the real “practicals”. That is, the skill that is in dire need. Long duration more than necessary, are added to justify the training fees.

Overall, no wonder your staff may feel bored at these sessions. Be it in-house or off-site. It doesn’t really matter.

I know there are some cultural undertones in some organizations that turn a blind eye for obvious reasons.
An attendance jamboree and the accompanying expenditure are fought for.

Granted, there are also “psychological carrots” that are dangled at some uninterested staff to attend workshops and trainings.

By the way,  for trainers; do not fear. Trainings can still be logically brief! There is an ethical way to go about it—with both parties and students happy for it. Yet, same fees can still be charged.


If you have limited finances and you cherish the best for your staff, best use of time and money; this is what you should do:

  • Scrutinize the course content. The course content should DESCRIBE how it can QUICKLY transfer the needed SKILLS with clear direction.
    For instance, a tighter programme will give better results. Better experience.


Leave the fluff out of the syllabus in many trainings, to students at schools. They have all the time…

For businesses; a good return-on-investment (ROI) on trainings must be a double win.

Namely, to improve performance at the workplace and the fallout of empowering such staff for life.

Let me into your experience…

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