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Have Your Marketing Strategies
Failed In Attracting Clients?

Have you been spending so much, but getting few or no customers?
Do you think other competitors are the reasons why you can’t get enough customers? Or simply, you don’t know the best tactics to use?

Whether your business is new or a few years in age, there are techniques you could put to use, to get customers to your door step. Or to build your online traffic.

There are ways to go about this, without being forceful on your prospects and on yourself. Once the right things are done, you will have a greater outcome over time.

  • What could have gone wrong? It is possible you have been going about your customer acquisition in a wrong way.

These days consumers like you and I, are quite suspicious of new products and services.

You will agree with me, there is so much noise out there.
And how do you get your small business heard?

Come with me …


marketing to customers


Have your market share

There are specific marketing strategies and tactics that will bring in customers.

No matter how excellent your business idea is, your marketing plan must come in first.
You will be able to apply some techniques here so that you can get your own share of the cake; of the market!

It doesn’t matter whether you own an hospital, a plumbing business or you are into manufacturing.
You can’t wink in the dark.

Your enviable professional expertise is a not a guarantee of reliable income if you can’t attract great clients.

This website puts up content you can apply to bring in customers. You can come back for more fresh marketing strategies and tactics.
You will be able to have customers -- who out of their own conviction -- will want to pay you for your services and products.

No more hard sell. Anyhow, nobody wants to be sold.

You will have the techniques that work in the real world.

No untested theories that don’t work in the market place.
We share our over 30 years’ experience in business. Therefore you will benefit from our lessons on success and past mistakes.

It will get bigger as you get more creative tips from here. That will be an assurance for your peace of mind and nice profits for your business too.

Materials shared here and in our newsletter work for most small businesses. Whether your business is across the street, internet based or a combination of both, it doesn’t really matter.

You are having some reservations about our claim, right?

Oh, Yes.  Your doubts are in order.

  • You may ask; “If it is so simple, how come everybody is not applying these tactics, you are sharing?”Because some small business owners simply do not know how to attract clients.
    And for a few others, who get it right by chance, they cannot put a finger on it.You will be able to identify these marketing strategies and the right tactics; and see why they work.  It means you can repeat them again and again.
  • Will there be an overnight surge of clients if you go through our materials and newsletter?
    The answer is, “No”.
    But your present situation will continue to improve.And you will know exactly what you should be doing at the different phases in your customer drive. No guess work again.

Why all these free Information?
Because over the years, we have learned from others. And we have observed their strings of successes and mistakes too. Therefore, we naturally want to extend same knowledge to others.

All we ask, once you put to practice all what you read ; do share with us your success.

We will want to share same with others too, so that they can be convinced and encouraged.

The more the merrier.


Thinking about selling tactics


Unique creative marketing strategy

What makes us different from others?

We love to break complex marketing issues down to the basics. Period!

We keep things simple.

We won’t clutter your mind with content you don’t need.
This simplicity might be deceptive but do not treat them with less importance!

Many years of experience have shown us what really matters in how to get customers.

It is about what works in the field. We leave the theories and the academics out unless they have been tested to yield results.

And we learn every day.
So subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss out on timely update, of useful resources. The terrain of the business world changes so fast these days.

What you should do now…

  • Read the articles on the site. Come back as we add new materials.
    These will include Reports, video or audios and other materials.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter for quick insight to help your marketing and other useful information.
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Read, digest it and apply the tactics immediately. We will like to read from you by email,
how it has helped in getting you paying customers.



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How to easily sell to customersHow To Easily Sell To Customers

Your prospects are with you now; so how do you make them buy -- whether online business or offline?
How do you prevent yourself from muddling up the sales process? What simple steps to follow?
Why the sales process could be doomed to failure?
What is the best way to make reluctant prospects buy?

You will follow the three simple but reference pillars that get customers to buy.

Before your choice of client, you will use my PAS factor which saves time, money and other resources.
 (For success, sellers must address three sensitive issues they have in common with prospective customers)

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Also note that we may not be the right fit for you:

  • If you will not take action on ideas we share with you, towards getting results.
  • If you have the mindset of the get-rich-quick syndrome, we can’t be of help.
  • The promoter of this website is a Nigerian; if you come here with a biased mind, you will be excused. Carry out your due diligence, as we will too.
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