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“Effective Strategic Leadership in Business in Our Fast-changing World”

Overview Of The Workshop
These are challenging times where some classical theories in business management and leadership may NOT help in dealing with the rapid change in the global economy.

As a business leader, driving your organization, you may not find things as easy as in the years past. Many top-executives don’t even know what is going on. Many are refusing to accept that there must be a shift in thinking to lead successfully into our very unpredictable future.
Yet strategic expectations are not being realised. There is quiet apprehension amongst top management.

And you as the Top-Executive desires the peace of mind with that internal pride; only when you have delivered successfully as expected by all the stakeholders.
This workshop will put you through.

Traditional businesses and old industries suddenly die.
Legacies gone!
New ones spring up from the ashes and even at that, some may not last or are struggling.
Yet others have stood the test of time despite the rapidity in the global economy and world events.

There is a cliché called disruption in industries, but it is actually destruction in the real sense of it. You will be shown how to lead your organization to ride the disruptive waves.

A founder of an organization informed us, wondering how come her newly employed CEO had not brought results as expected, despite the elaborate recruitment exercise that brought the CEO in.
Something was missing…

But some CEOs have learnt the “new way” which has made their organizations stay afloat despite the shifting sands of enterprise.
And it is a must; strategic goals must become a reality at least in the eyes of the stakeholders. Shareholders in organizations would not want an excuse if their returns and expectations are not met.

This workshop will show you how and what you must do to rise above the challenges of our fast-changing world of business. And this goes beyond looking at your competitors and your industry…

  • Learning is a gradual thing though, but we will deploy a very simple technique to make you remember and put to use most of what you will learn after the workshop.
    This saves your precious time; and this is important to us.

As a top-executive, we will open your eyes to the underutilized resources and power you have. These are all what you will need to lead a business successfully into our fast-changing 21st century.



Mr. ‘Muyiwa OSIFUYE (Management Consultant/Business Advisor)
CEO – Stom & Ruby Services, Lagos.
Profile — On LinkedIn, on Channels TV, on Amazon and his website.

>Target Audience:
CEOs, Managing Directors, Senior Executives, Business Owners/Founders et al

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It is a personal development workshop
for established business leaders who need to acquire more skills


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