Which Watch Strap Is Best For You

Having a wrist watch is a common fashion accessory in our world of today.
They come in leather, metal straps or even nylon.
And more materials.

To choose amongst them depends on many factors.

• The design of the watch.

• You skin’s sensitivity

• The weather of where you will be wearing such a watch

• And more reasons.

My advice is that if the design of your watch allows it,
you could go for any materials for your strap.

Metal or chain straps come in different glittering makes;
and you could be ok with that.
Some chain straps are subdued in appearance though.

On the other hand, leather straps are a choice

for those who like that classic look.
Leather straps could be in real, exotic animals skin or faux (not real) .

Your taste and budget are yours.

However, real leather grows with you if well made,
especially if it is hand sewn.

As it ages, it has a patina in appearance – vintage.

And that commands respect with a lot of stories
of your journey while using it.

The patina shines, as it has absorbed your sweat,
the atmospheric materials
and develops a character of its own.

You can see this in old leather wallets, shoes and so on.
But if you have a sensitive skin, you may not go for leather.
Go for the steel or nylon straps.

However if you desire leather by all means, use where you
wouldn’t sweat too much or in a hot or humid environment.

If you can change the strap of your watch, then you can interchange as you feel.

I leave you with these designs of mine.

May be you’ll like them.

Have you seen my arts and shop mart?

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