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Getting Out Of My Rot

This is a short musing... I have had much embedded inside of me,  to push out to the world -- ...
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Some Secrets About Designer Perfumes

Do you like to mix your perfumes on a few occasions, maybe. Being different? Unique … in your smell that ...
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How To Handle Disappointment In Life (audio)

  Click to listen 5 min audio or download ...
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How To Make It In Life? Know This!

You may ask, "what are the best ways to make it in life?" Many want to achieve superb goals and ...
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How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

You may have headaches, blurred or hazy vision which may not be resolved with glasses or eye drops but relief ...
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The 7 Common Causes Of Why People Are Rejected

Anybody can be rejected. Social rejection can happen in any situation. Have you been hurt in your dealings with people? ...
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