Stom & Ruby Services
(Management Consulting and Business Skills Empowerment)

Our Mission:

  • To collaborate with CEO’s and Business Owners who need to enhance their organizational productivity and performance through our consulting service.
    We bring over 30 years of --practical and provable--experience in the real world of business.
  • To teach business skills through our course and to mentor individuals who really desire leadership skills.
    A Quick Note:
    Management Skill is not the same thing as Leadership Skill. These two are confused!
    And you cannot subject people to a leadership training course -- popular as they are.
    (It is a fallacy and waste of resources.)

    An individual desirous of leadership skills would -- without any prodding --
    actually seek such mentoring, wherever it can be found.
    That is our position.
    And we welcome such people to mentor them in that respect.

What You Should Do Now?

About me:

I have been involved in business practice as an observant employee and as an entrepreneur with different capacities since 1984.

I had a degree in Optometry (’84) from the University of Benin, Nigeria and an MBA (’91) from the University of Lagos.
I also got a Professional Diploma (’02) from the New York Institute of Photography, USA.

My business interest over the years have spanned, having eye clinics, photo-art and commercial photography.

And now Stom & Ruby Services --
a young boutique and independent management consulting service,
with empowerment programmes through courses and seminars. (Be on the look out!)

I have authored a few books of which two titles on business practice are retailed on Amazon


  1. "The Small Business Starter's Guide: Sharing 30 Years’ Experience on How to Build for Success"
  2. "Fast Track Your Business: 18 Steps On Ideas, Marketing, Self And Employee"
  • These books have been reviewed on Channels Television (one of the most respected TV stations in Nigeria) You can catch part of the interview on YouTube here…

  • And you can read up more about me on LinkedIn, Medium and other websites where I publish and syndicate a few of my business related articles.