My Mission:

To help you -- as a solo small-business owner/manager -- acquire the management skills that actually work in the real world; if you must grow your business.
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Could any of the following be your concern?

  • Do you wish to be empowered with practical business skills that could be used by you - immediately?
  • Do you wish to get ONLY those tested ideas and practical skills -- based on many years of experience – that actually work in the real world of small business?
  • Do you feel your apprehension would reduce if you are empowered -- skill wise -- since you are the ONLY ONE who must make those delicate business decisions?
  • Do you have that shortage of time because you are too busy attending to your business; yet you wish you could attend a few business seminars or workshops?
  • And more…?

What you should do now?

  • If you are ready to radically reduce these challenges;
  • Read the helpful articles on this site and
  • Learn how to make your business meet its obligation & avoid undue anxiety.
    Learn the most important 7 factors that may override your projections
  • I do a limited amount of coaching for individual small business owners. Just contact me.

About me:
I have been involved in small business practice as an observant employee and as an employer of labor at different capacities since 1984.

I had a degree in Optometry in 1984 from the University of Benin and an MBA (specializing in Marketing & Finance) in 1991, from the University of Lagos. Both in Nigeria.

I also got a Professional Diploma in 2002, from the New York Institute of Photography, USA.

My business interest over the years have spanned having an eye clinic, photo-art and commercial photography and small-business consultancy (Stom & Ruby Services)

I have authored a few books which include a self published two titles on small business practice now retailed on Amazon


  1. “The Small Business Starter's Guide: Sharing 30 Years’ Experience on How to Build for Success"
  2. "Fast Track Your Business: 18 Steps On Ideas, Marketing, Self And Employee"
  • These books have been reviewed on Channels Television (one of the most respected TV stations in Nigeria)

You can catch part of the interview on YouTube here…

And you can read up about me on LinkedIn where I publish and syndicate a few of my business related articles.