When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Living and life is never clockwork.

Your mind is loaded.

Your focus is being distracted, here and there.

You have a schedule of goals and time frame.

But… battling distractions is becoming more difficult for you.

So, you around for solutions.

Some of these are:

  • how to meet scheduled goals and start your day.
  • how to avoid burn out or not becoming depressed
  • how to prevent procrastination?

Wishful thinking will not boil a piece of rock
even in a pressure cooker.

You need to work.

Of course there are days you
just won’t feel like doing anything!

You don’t have to be ill or in a bad mood.

But you just can’t get yourself to do anything.

You simply want to sit down, play
or just wander in your thoughts. 

Targets and goals you had earlier mapped out
are left unattended to.

Peaceful you feel, but also feeling guilty as
you think of lost time, never to be regained.

Now, what has life taught me about this scenarios?

Hear me out…

There are many elements that control us or influence
our day to day existence.

Everybody tries.

We all try to do our best to be productive.

We are not talking about lazybones who are not
worthy of emulation here.

So what do you do if you feel lethargic?

As long as there is no threatening situation
you must attend to; let your soul flow.

I personal have developed this sweet habit.

I sit comfortably in my chair, in a quiet place,
putting my phone aside, and just allow my mind to wander.

I have a piece of paper and pen to scribble whatever.
I may sleep off or not.

I pardon myself of not meeting up with my schedule
of productivity.

But rest assured that there is a consolation.

That you can’t do your best, with a heavy mind trying

to resolve some subconscious issues.

When you are in the clear, you will know.

The mental energy resumes.

The inertia gradually comes.

Fear is reduced.

And you get back to your being focused
on fine-tuned activities.  

Let your soul speak to you.

Let your soul return the spark to your consciousness,
your mind and physical body.

Enjoy your melancholic mood.

Enjoy your wandering mind.

A subtle moment will kick you to resume your activities.

Trust me it is never a wasted period for
your productivity and mental well-being.

Your life is not lived by a list of “what to do”,
all the time.

Our essence, circumstance and elements
around us affect and influence us, whether we
are conscious or not.

Smart people ride the waves of these moods.

And it shouldn’t be frequent, though
So watch out for this.

And become focused again.

Let me hear from you as a high achiever.

How do you handle these hesitant moments
of your wandering mind and lethargy?.

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Your Life And Your Phone

False Relief.

These days, we slip into our phones – as an escape –

while not giving a “timeout” and thoughts

to solve our personal problems.

It is a battle we must be aware of.

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How Do You Buy Art Safely?

You can buy your art from a reputable gallery,
directly from the artist or buy from an auction house.

Today, artworks and paintings are increasingly being collected
through online gallery but you must apply caution.

Art and paintings being a physical item,
you probably want to touch and feel.

But by virtue of distance from a gallery of your choice,
or limited collections in a gallery,
then an online gallery is the way to go.

You may ask for the assistance of a genuine art expert
who could put you through.

However the final decision and choice ought to be yours.

If it is for investment purposes, it is only a guess
how the art work in question and the artist would be
in a higher demand and the future price.

And if auction houses are interested in reselling
such works that would be a welcome expectation.

If you are collecting for the joy the artwork brings you,
that is also a good thing.

In fact, in many cases, most people buy paintings for beautify
 their spaces and for emotional connections.

There are reputable online galleries or an extension of
their physical gallery of reputable ones.

What you do is take your time to go through their collections
if you are in their physical premises or through their free catalogue
if you request for them.

And again, you can browse through their websites
safely and shortlist your preferences.

And place your order for your collections.

You are only debited after receiving the work
and you are satisfied with it.

The online galleries serve as major advantages for many artists.

There are no gatekeepers being curators and gallery owners.

This is good for upcoming artist and African artists
and others around the world.
You as a collector have much choice, at your fingertips.

If an artist has built up a reputation, you can order
from his or her website.

Upcoming artists,  contemporary artists from Africa and others
use third party reputable online galleries like Saatchi
as an intermediary to sell their works.

Fine art America is another one too.

As for me my works are on the platform on Saatchi Online,
when my work is sold.

I ship to the collector and once he is happy with it;

days after, Saatchi is notified and I get paid.

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What Trifold Leather Wallets Are

Trifold wallets for men are folded in two places.

They give room for more slots for your coins, paper money and cards.

They can also have a buttoned flap to cover the whole wallet,
for additional protection.

Depending on the design and the thickness of the leather,
it may not necessarily be bulky.

Some people may also get their wallets engraved or personalized
with their initials or name.

A very well handmade wallet is a lasting gift for a husband,
friends and loved ones.

See a design of a trifold wallet here.

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Which Watch Strap Is Best For You

Having a wrist watch is a common fashion accessory in our world of today.
They come in leather, metal straps or even nylon.
And more materials.

To choose amongst them depends on many factors.

• The design of the watch.

• You skin’s sensitivity

• The weather of where you will be wearing such a watch

• And more reasons.

My advice is that if the design of your watch allows it,
you could go for any materials for your strap.

Metal or chain straps come in different glittering makes;
and you could be ok with that.
Some chain straps are subdued in appearance though.

On the other hand, leather straps are a choice

for those who like that classic look.
Leather straps could be in real, exotic animals skin or faux (not real) .

Your taste and budget are yours.

However, real leather grows with you if well made,
especially if it is hand sewn.

As it ages, it has a patina in appearance – vintage.

And that commands respect with a lot of stories
of your journey while using it.

The patina shines, as it has absorbed your sweat,
the atmospheric materials
and develops a character of its own.

You can see this in old leather wallets, shoes and so on.
But if you have a sensitive skin, you may not go for leather.
Go for the steel or nylon straps.

However if you desire leather by all means, use where you
wouldn’t sweat too much or in a hot or humid environment.

If you can change the strap of your watch, then you can interchange as you feel.

I leave you with these designs of mine.

May be you’ll like them.

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Perfume Gift Sets For Him

It is a special moment for your special person.

A perfume gift set for men is a good way to show your interest.

He savors the unique smells and remembers you,
now and into the future.

Even as the bottles are exhausted.

That is the mystery of fragrances. 

Smells and memories.

(I still remember a classmate who sprayed a whiff of perfume on
my school uniform, way back 1974.

My first fragrance. His name etched in my brain, ever)

Be the first to make it possible for him.

A pack of three different personalities of fragrances,

that will make him remember you as always.

We have a limited pack of combination perfumes.

Get this, the “Trio Collection” for him, right here is Lagos.


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These Are The Steps To Your Success -That’s A Lie

When they tell you this is how we made it.

These are the steps they took until their breakthrough.

You should note them.

But wait a minute…

Remember your circumstances may be VERY different from the
speaker or writer!

Then how do you get the best from their magic wand of success?

Just look around for more thoughts, including interviews.
I love interviews more than autobiographies.
Unprepared interviews allow for honest slips and facts. 

Join the dots of recurrent thoughts from books and other media.


Make your note and add them to your intuitive
and logical steps to take to hit your goals.

Of course they must be subject to your OWN situations wherever you are.

Apply them. And work towards your defined goals.

Your defined success.

Study the outcome.

Fine tune…

Note your failures and victories.  

Fine-tune again.

Look around for mentors or content in similar situations;
improve on your results.

Maybe a catalyst, these ‘successful authors’ wouldn’t tell you.

It must be discovered by you.

Or your luck could come to you.
That’s your golden nugget from the Heavens.
Keep it to yourself eternally.

Or release it, to your inner circle, the whole world or
at the time you so choose.

At your ripe old age, if it is still relevant.


Don’t feel guilty about it.

You can only release much to the world.
I am not saying you should propagate falsehood
about your success.


It is a competitive world.

Discover your path to your own goals
and define what you call your own success.

Sustain it.

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Knowing When Not To Lose Your Relevance

Have you observed quite a number of artistes and creatives
who in the past were very successful?

At subsequent interviews they granted,
they promise bigger projects they were planning into the future.

Now a shift is noted by a keen outside-observer.
Their promises were not being met and
their own expectations were fast disappearing.

They were competing against the natural course of events.

Things like tastes, trends and the unseen hand were taking over,
including the minds of some their target audience.

These artistes were disappearing into oblivion like dry leaves falling off a tree.

Yet on each opportune time to talk to the press, a few of them,
still promised of new works in the offing.

The same cocktails of their past content were displayed for a re-launch.

Many of these efforts failed in general acceptance!

But how come, a rebirth couldn’t take place?

A few things were missing.


They refused or did NOT know that this life demands continuous
and critical examination.

Though, only  a few survive.

So what are the lessons?

Tastes and the realities of time change in a subtle manner.

That life is in phases;

And you must know your place in its trajectory.

Be sure of what the world is saying.

Tap into its opportunities.

You can’t be in your cocoon forever.

Of course nothing lasts forever.

You can always change your path.  

And that will be on your own terms and
not out of your own ignorance.

That would go against the stream of common sense
and the act of survival.

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Why Some Artworks Are Expensive and Cheap

Two art works may appear the same.

Painted by two different artists.

You almost couldn’t differentiate the works.

How come both carry a lot of difference in prices?

It is been argued or concluded that the artist

long standing reputation and demand of his works

is one of the biggest indicators of price differences.

A simple line drawn by a Picasso and signed in the art world

would go at a much higher price than

a newbie drawing diligently the same line.

So it takes you a time to command higher fees.

The more consistent you are, the higher the demand
for your work and therefore
having a following, your nurtured tribe,

the higher your works command a higher price.

Therefore your work can not stand alone  even if they are very good.

And of course amongst many other reasons,

a stroke of luck if a person of a influence stumbles on

your work and collects it.

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