Where Should You Actually Look For Business Ideas? : There Is An Idea For Everyone

There is an idea for everyone — even in your small business. You can discover yours!

Come with me…

The other day, a friend of mine approached me with a list of 100 different ideas.
He was planning to start his very first business.

I asked him where he got the list from. He told me, it was from
a popular website.
“So, which one are you going to pick out of the lot? I asked him.

He replied that he had been looking at ten…and he wasn’t sure
which one would fetch him a lot of money.
I told him that might not be the way to go.– that wasn’t a proper way
of picking a worthwhile business idea.

As you read this today many people are in search of unique ideas.
They are looking around for startup ideas that would survive into the future.
Possibly an idea that would make tons of money in a particular industry.

Yet it appears that despite the huge amount of information available,
even at our fingertips, many are confused the more, on what to look for.

But we must “own” our ideas we come up with.
That is, to come up with unique ideas to stand the test of time.

  • Therefore, my simple definition of an idea is:
    that “thing” or “activity” that is brought into existence but beneficial to Man.

You may add your own qualifying terms.
Be it; good or bad, expensive or cheap and so on.

That is fair enough.

(By the way; can we agree for simplicity sake, to use “Man” for human beings?
The women folk I ask for their understanding.)

Now let’s move on…

What I am going to show you, is how to discover your own unique ideas,
which the market would readily accept.

The Background

Human beings have needs and we are full of many aspirations.
This creates opportunities for those who can provide ideas —
or new technologies — to meet up with these expectations.

You will agree with me that we all struggle
with our internal feelings and external realities!

Our known five basic senses;
such as hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling must be served.

We also need to take care of our mind, spirit and body;
to give them all the optimum attention they deserve.

Each of these attributes has its own challenges.
And this is where business opportunities are abound–
as Man’s interest must be served by entrepreneurs and others.
This is the root of all our rat race!
And there is no exception.

“The Human Need” Grid Tool

I will explain with few examples of what each intersection contains.
You can also regard them as the A, B, C and D compartments.

A Bit of Caution

But before I go into the explanation of this tool,
you will need to consider a bit of caution.

  • You will be mindful that some ideas or opportunities
    might not be clearly demarcated.Some may cut across two intersections.
    However, that makes it interesting for you to create a really unique idea;
    to solve a cocktail of special “needs” and “wants”.
  • This tool is simple, powerful but neutral in its outcome of new ideas.
    Using it for the common good is my advice and desire.
  • Before you deploy a massive product launch;
    do basic tests of the idea you have arrived at.
  • You must sample real life feedback of your carefully defined market niche
    or prospective consumers.
    If they like the idea, then you can go all the way to launch your service or product.

Validation is very important.
Let your sample consumers tell you what they feel about the idea.
It is not really about you, after-all.

You will also need to develop a keen sense of observation, namely:

  • Your own needs and aspirations as a human being as well as other people.
  • The environment which will include nature, social and other events
    as being played out across our world.

These are the gold mines!
If you look well enough and slot them into the grid.
I will show you how.


The Essential Needs of Man

These are, namely:

distribution of goods and services,
sources of energy,
environmental challenges,
and more.

In the above highlighted general needs of our existence —
you will identify how you can use this tool to come up with new ideas.
And I will soon show you how, with some examples.

Every business in existence, is about serving the need of Mankind and the environment:

1) to remove pains and /or
2) to make things better.

And of course if you create acceptable ideas, in the eyes of your target consumers,
then you are expected to be rewarded.

The Environment

The environment — outside the physical body of Man —
is made up of the living and non-living.
Both seen and unseen.

It would also comprise diverse human experiences and events across the world.
Likewise, nature is made up of its own internal and external elements.
They come in various shades of features and characteristics.

Let me give you a quick illustration here;

if the earth tremors, a smart scientist is thinking of how to develop a profound tool.
A tool to minimize losses against the fallout of such a calamity.
Ideas are developed for such a tool against earthquakes and the aftermath.

For its own self-preservation humans make use of nature and the environment.

You will agree with me that the environment takes care of our needs.
And we must also have a balanced relationship
when we create new products and services.

Our smart startups should put all these into consideration.


Now let me explain how you can use this tool…

This tool rests on 4 realities which you may call assumptions.

Man has both

  1. internal and
  2. external needs.

Man would need them in

  1. tangible and
  2. intangible forms to satisfy those needs.

We experience all these in different combinations in our daily life.

  • I will now illustrate with a few examples for each compartment
    or intersection which will guide you on how to use the tool.
  • Some ideas may cut across more than one compartment.Disregard if I have more examples in one intersection than the other.
    You can draw up yours after this exercise.

Let us look at the following four scenarios…

Compartment: A

*Assuming if someone is sad or unhappy.
His spirit could be lifted up by a specific but physical gift — he loves —
from a concerned friend or loved one.
Gift sellers and producers make money.
That is an idea for a business.

*A hungry person needs a type of food.
Food supplier with that specification is in business.

*A need to acquire economic power; some skill-set is desired.
Books or physical tools would come to the rescue.
Producers in the applicable industries make money.

*For shy people, you need dark sunglasses from the Optical industry.

*A pacemaker for some heart patients.

*The air we breathe.
A containerized volume of air for divers made by the relevant industries.

*Crude stones as precious metals found inside and
outside mountains to satisfy our emotional cravings.
That throws up ideas to take care of these sectors — both ways.

*Internal parts of plants of animals are used for medicine and many more.
That will be an opportunity for drug makers and others.

*Need beautiful ambience for the soul?
Smart developers put up an ocean-view real estate.

* You can add yours…

Compartment: B

*Producers of light weight dental braces to straighten up the teeth;
to build ultimate self-confidence.

*Cotton and linen farmlands to supply the fabric industry.

*Crude oil inside the bowels of the earth supply us fuel and other materials.

*Crushed rocks made available for construction.

*Tool manufacturers make tools to crush these rocks.

*Real estate industry to provide housing for shelter.

*Manufacturer of cloths and wears to cover and protect the body.

*The energy from the sun converted into electricity.

* You can add yours…

Compartment: C

*In need of a relationship?
Then there is a matchmaking business that comes into reckoning.

*People going through emotional trouble need a drug, doctor or psychiatrist service.

*If someone is sad or unhappy, that person can be serenaded with a piece music of his liking.
The music artiste and record label make money.

*For shy people; they will need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

* You can add yours…

Compartment: D

*You don’t have the time to cut your lawn or wash your;
this is an opportunity to provide such services.

*To be assimilated into a society you might need to learn their language.
That is a job for language teachers.

* To generate electricity you dam cascading rivers using the embedded kinetic energy.

* You can add yours…

A Recap

Determine how all these elements and factors you have identified intertwine.
They will reveal possibilities when you slot them into an appropriate compartment.
Then you would have arrived at a feasible choice of an idea.

Using this deceptively simple,
“The Human Need Grid Tool” will throw up many possibilities
for your next innovative ideas.

You only need to pick a pencil and write down matching of needs and solutions.

This tool removes a lot confusion in coming up with a good idea.

And you can use it as I have successfully.

I look forward to hearing about your experience and comments.
What do you think?

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