Basic Time Management Skills for Business Managers

Your Daily Grind

We must carry out our daily activities as business owners or managers. Be it, a micro-enterprise or a conglomerate. The pattern or the routine is never standardized as most decisions and activities we undertake tend to be unique and organic. They may vary on some days.

We might have designed required schedules but there are occasions, the rules could be broken.
This is usually due to natural course of events. But our activities must meet our set objectives.

Forget about any time management tool. Planning your activities is an organic thing. Since you are not a robot but of flesh and blood, what you will cultivate is your self-discipline.

You will remember your goal. That would be enough impetus if you are not the lazy type. As a business owner, procrastination is one habit, by now, you would have removed entirely from your system as an entrepreneur. You can’t afford to be lazy.

  • We must be methodological, when we take these detours against the predefined schedules. Because without proper planning and scheduling of operations, an organization would be run by our whims and caprices. That brings in indiscipline.This would disrupt the collective system that ought to take the business far into the future.
    We don’t want to be haphazard in our daily operations. Of course there will always be exceptions, as I have said.

Now what does a business need on a regularly or on a daily basis? Some days, the routine work goes smoothly as envisaged. Other days, everything may seem to be disorganized, but you have to keep at it, to overcome. All the departments of your business must be attended to, at a designated period.

Getting Your Work Done

The only expendable item that is given to the rich and the poor, in equal measure, is our 24 hours we have in a day. And how do you make the best you of this fleeting seconds and minutes?

  • By simply planning for the next day.
    It will take you less than 20 minutes. Do it even if you are tired.
  • Write out on a piece of paper what you would be doing the following day. It is a useful habit to develop, but it gets broken on few occasions. Not to worry.

The last thing in the evening before you retire; write down – starting from the most challenging item. That should be in the order of priority. You will know.

  • Follow the list in a sequence. Start from the most important and urgent item and work the list down. It is a powerful way of getting things done on a daily or weekly basis.The technique allows you to achieve your objectives quickly. It encourages the best use of time and it forces personal discipline.

You will eventually realize that it makes you feel better, as you tick each milestone covered, on your list.

Never mind your falling back at times, since you are not a robot. There are days we ignore the list and simply allow the soul to take the initiative. There are times, too, we don’t finish up the daily schedule; we simply roll over to the next day.

But you know that the adherence to the list makes for more efficient. So, strive as you should, to optimize your time and energy, as entrepreneurs or business leaders.

The Modern Day Time-Stealers

Technology may steal our precious time – as a self-imposed deprivation. It doesn’t come in a stealth manner but we fall for its hypnotic appeal. We become heavily dependent. But we have the power to manage it.

  • While we need them, we must define the most sensible way of usage, at the work place even at home. We must discipline ourselves from their seductive nature. I advise we use them with wisdom but we must not allow technology to steal our 24 hours!

Technology is a two edged sword.

  • From the minute by minute of checking emails, to wanting to read – whether others have given us – a “like” on our Facebook postings.
    The immediacy of gadgets at our fingertips has seriously killed some aspect of our humanity.
    Arguably worse than the advent of television.
    Time management for fruitful engagements has become a struggle.
  • Anyway, smart business owners know better. They embrace technology but they prioritize their time with their usage.
  • But we can overcome by being conscious of all this and managing them effectively. I fell for it too. But I soon had a recoil for good. I am better off.For instance, for my weekly exercise of long walks, there are no endowed gadgets on my body. I don’t rush to pick a call, even while I may nurse a call from Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Aliko Dangote someday.
  • Talking about friends and other time-wasters; do not allow them disturb you at work. The place of work can’t be an appropriate place to fraternize and this applies to the staff too.
    I presume in some other climes, this is a well-known aspect of their culture. Time for work and time for play are distinct and therefore should be respected by any serious business owner.

Take Away

  • Plan your time for tomorrow by writing out what you must do, the night before.
    Don’t be discouraged if you skip some items on your list. Reorganize. You are better of than a rudderless business manager.
  • Plan for the next day.
  • Plan for the week.
  • Plan for the months ahead.

Today, we must be disciplined about the use of the ubiquitous – and sometimes distracting – gadgets found around us. The Internet, the radio, the TV, the phones, just name them…
In other words make the best use of your time. Don’t kill your brain by dwelling too much on these devices.

Tell me how you plan your day and I will like to read your comments below …

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