Rise Above Self

Today, I may be going a little poetic and thoughtful too.

Here are few words I want to share with you.

“The world of business is tough but we can conquer…

In the beginning it was ONLY YOU that came.

After all said and DONE, it will still be ONLY YOU that departs.

Don’t envy the successful ones, even in business.

That’s a big ERROR of misplaced energy.

The secret?

Just change your MINDSET.

To believe ONLY YOU can be what you want to be.
That sets you free.

I promise you.

Easy? No!

Possible? Yes!!
A fire is ignited inside of ONLY YOU.

Stoked by this renewed MINDSET that will seduce ONLY YOU to be what you want to be.

Don’t envy the successful ones.
ONLY YOU dont have the time.

The world awaits your little contribution.

Rise above yourself now!

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