Our Rat-race & Other Struggles: A Simple Solution Always at Hand

While we are at it, in all our earthly adventures; we seek solutions.
However, there is an immediate tool that we all can put to use.
It is difficult to put to practice yet it is simple.

And that is…thinking.

I mean, thinking right.

Finding the time to think through!

But it is one of the most difficult activities we don’t want to do.
Our suffused world of many competing distractions does not help matters either.
I know.

Carrying out this exercise may be slow in our thinking, but after we wrap things up, we will have a surge in our well focused and effective activities we undertake.

YET, thinking through is the most liberating weapon of many of our worries.
It also gives birth to many solutions.
Most of us know this truth. But we avoid it because it is difficult as I have mentioned.

I am a victim of this struggle as well.
I will continue to try to find the time…

What do you think about this matter?
Let us know.

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