JP Morgan and A.I : Lawyers At The Cross Road?

For the aspiring and those entrenched in the legal profession, JP Morgan bank is moving in the direction of the Artificial Intelligence platform.

Below are my general thoughts on careers and the different “highly skilled” professions:

1) In the evolving phase of fast paced new knowledge, there will be opportunities; there will be losses.

One needs not mention the emerging list of winners and losers.

2) There will be unprecedented profit for some and bankruptcy for others. That’s the 21st century.

3) As an aside, young parents have to look again at the career plans/choice for their kids in this light. Expectations based on old fashioned assumptions may fail in 10+ years.

4) Professionals and CEOs must be more circumspect. What has worked till now may NOT continue to be. Yet your stakeholders wont want excuses!

5) Finally, nearly all industries will eventually meet their points of inflection. Changes in technology AND changes in social behavioral patterns would be the driving force

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