What Life Has Taught Me

That all things and all activities — of all shades — are like a single seed; it may stagnate, grow or die !

What can you derive about your own life experience as a human being from these thoughts?

What can you derive about your business or organizational goals as well?

What can you derive from all contending issues in our world — in the past, present and foreseeable future?

I believe a clearer picture you and I can make of this revelation as it came to me.

What do you think…?

Our Rat-race & Other Struggles: A Simple Solution Always at Hand

While we are at it, in all our earthly adventures; we seek solutions.
However, there is an immediate tool that we all can put to use.
It is difficult to put to practice yet it is simple.

And that is…thinking.

I mean, thinking right.

Finding the time to think through!

But it is one of the most difficult activities we don’t want to do.
Our suffused world of many competing distractions does not help matters either.
I know.

Carrying out this exercise may be slow in our thinking, but after we wrap things up, we will have a surge in our well focused and effective activities we undertake.

YET, thinking through is the most liberating weapon of many of our worries.
It also gives birth to many solutions.
Most of us know this truth. But we avoid it because it is difficult as I have mentioned.

I am a victim of this struggle as well.
I will continue to try to find the time…

What do you think about this matter?
Let us know.

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Rise Above Self

Today, I may be going a little poetic and thoughtful too.

Here are few words I want to share with you.

“The world of business is tough but we can conquer…

In the beginning it was ONLY YOU that came.

After all said and DONE, it will still be ONLY YOU that departs.

Don’t envy the successful ones, even in business.

That’s a big ERROR of misplaced energy.

The secret?

Just change your MINDSET.

To believe ONLY YOU can be what you want to be.
That sets you free.

I promise you.

Easy? No!

Possible? Yes!!
A fire is ignited inside of ONLY YOU.

Stoked by this renewed MINDSET that will seduce ONLY YOU to be what you want to be.

Don’t envy the successful ones.
ONLY YOU dont have the time.

The world awaits your little contribution.

Rise above yourself now!

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Are You Always Stressed Out As A Small-Business Owner?

An entrepreneur is a different animal. Each of us has a unique routine which we unconsciously deploy in our quest to attain excellence. In business. And in our lives.

Over time, the body and mind will definitely demand a timeout!
A timeout to straighten your thinking and your thoughts.
A time out to freshen up all the untidy things that have piled up for your attention.

Before I go on. Be mindful that your employees must also be included in the work stress management. Just picture a stressed out airline pilot, cook or a factory floor worker whose mind wanders away from the task at hand. But watch out for ungrateful and opportunistic employees who just choose to be lazy.

So how do we resolve stress as business managers and owners?
Let us look at these three simple steps that have worked for me—and they could work for you too, depending on your circumstances.

Do These Little Exercises

Let’s look at the issue of our physical well-being which deserves regular tune-up. You must create the time no matter how short .
Now, do you realize that our physical posture could be conformed to one position throughout the day? This could give us some body pains. It could also result in a permanent disability in the future. Some people may develop piles or hemorrhoids because they sit for too long at work.

  • So how do we manage the physical well-being?
    You want to stretch the body, literally speaking. To get the joints moving smoothly and to make the muscles come alive.
    Near my table, I bend down slowly to touch my toes. I stretch my limbs slowly. I remove my shoes and use my hands to gently curve and rub my feet. I lift my facial skin with my fingers and massage the muscles gently. You can also make gentle twists and turns of the neck and other joints on your body.
    Five minutes? I am done… and ready to go back to the task at hand.
  • I reserve a time out too, just to remove some cobwebs from the brain.
    What do I mean by that? It is about clearing the mind of mental fatigue and finding the time to resolve some nagging issues lurking at the back of my mind.I shut my eyes and just let my mind wander, while at my seat. At times, I would get up and simply pace around in my office. At the extreme, I simply walk out of the premises into the street for about ten minutes and come back.
  • I also do my slow-but-deep breathing exercise. This is a conscious in-and-out breathing exercise for two minutes or so. Do realize that when we are engrossed at the task in front of us, we tend to breathe less or we don’t do it properly.

Take a Catnap

Having a nap gives you more boost. It increases your productivity for the rest of the day. Don’t feel guilty if others don’t need it. We are not all made the same way.

  • For me, there are occasions I have a short fifteen minutes of it once I arrive in the office in the morning though on a few occasions. I don’t feel ashamed to say this, because it works for me.
    Some days, I have discovered that even if I had had many hours of sleep overnight, I can’t be at my mental peak immediately. It could be due to driving through the early rush-hour traffic. It may be the type of breakfast and its timing which could be a cause for some individuals.
  • There are occasions when you are deprived of sleep, and you will know it. Find the next opportunity to catch up! When you are back home, if you need more hours of sleep to bring out the best in you, the following day; obey your biological clock.
    Struggling through your groggy state won’t give you an optimum output. Get energized with a good sleep for peak performance.
  • If you are an elderly entrepreneur, be realistic about the limiting circumstances about you. You can only do much as a depleting human energy. As you get older, this organic resource – your Being – experiences a diminishing return in power. In that wise, it befits you re-strategize your time with delegation or outsourcing.

Get Away from the Work

There are occasions when you will feel the blues. At this time, you are already burned out! Do not force it. The body may be willing but the soul may feel otherwise.

There are some days you just don’t feel like doing any work. This can apply to anybody; from the factory-floor technician to the CEO. We are not robots, even machines do break down.

  • From my personal experience, when I am caught in this mood, despite what I have on
    my to-do-list, I have discovered it is better, one takes a break.
    This pause in activities could be some hours or even a day. It all depends on how really down you are.
  • Simply do something relaxing for yourself. Any of those activities you would regard as luxuries of time. For me, I love to read. Sounds like an anomaly? But it works for me. However, you must make adjustments to recoup the lost hours or days.


Health-wise, our body “speaks” to us in unique and different ways. If we “listen”, we will know what it is saying and do what is necessary to avoid a burnout.
You can’t force your body to ultimately reach peak performance. You can’t also compare your biological clock with others. And you can’t be ashamed about what works for you.

All these simple exercises I have described so far may not be practicable in your own case. But you get the point. So how do you get to be at your optimum best? Let us into that…

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Basic Time Management Skills for Business Managers

Your Daily Grind

We must carry out our daily activities as business owners or managers. Be it, a micro-enterprise or a conglomerate. The pattern or the routine is never standardized as most decisions and activities we undertake tend to be unique and organic. They may vary on some days.

We might have designed required schedules but there are occasions, the rules could be broken.
This is usually due to natural course of events. But our activities must meet our set objectives.

Forget about any time management tool. Planning your activities is an organic thing. Since you are not a robot but of flesh and blood, what you will cultivate is your self-discipline.Continue reading

Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive for Business Success

Before you jump-ship into any business or if you are already into one, this is the time to reflect and do a critical self-audit or self-appraisal.

There is a need to have or develop that entrepreneurial skill for survival on the long run.
Your running a business must equally give you eternal joy, rather than it flogging your soul. It should be a part of your existence. It is either you cherish doing it or you look elsewhere.

Continue reading

Finding Solutions to Most Problems

On a daily basis, in our personal lives and in business,

problems are expected to be recognized and solved.
This is a reality of existence. We solve problems daily.

But getting the best solutions can be very intimidating at times.
Since we can’t fold our arms, we must discover a pattern
of resolving our nagging issues.

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Life Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs

As many venture into the stressful world of entrepreneurship; for the relatively young age, it is important I share some life lessons.

We all desire to live a life wonderful life.
The expected challenges of entrepreneurship should not take that from you!

It is quite disheartening to hear about a few founders of startups going though anxiety, stress  which may culminate in an ugly end.

Here are a few suggestions to plant that solid root, for inner peace.Continue reading