Rise Above Self

Today, I may be going a little poetic and thoughtful too.

Here are few words I want to share with you.

“The world of business is tough but we can conquer…

In the beginning it was ONLY YOU that came.

After all said and DONE, it will still be ONLY YOU that departs.

Don’t envy the successful ones, even in business.

That’s a big ERROR of misplaced energy.

The secret?

Just change your MINDSET.

To believe ONLY YOU can be what you want to be.
That sets you free.

I promise you.

Easy? No!

Possible? Yes!!
A fire is ignited inside of ONLY YOU.

Stoked by this renewed MINDSET that will seduce ONLY YOU to be what you want to be.

Don’t envy the successful ones.
ONLY YOU dont have the time.

The world awaits your little contribution.

Rise above yourself now!

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Your Employees, Your Business and You!

Jobs should not be personalized around a team member. That is a recipe for failure in performance. The duty or job description should come first and the right staff should be matched accordingly.

For a young small-business you can employ a basic entry-level staff that you can train, to imbibe your organizational culture.

If it is feasible in your industry – delay employing overqualified personnel since they are already used you to a different work culture, possibly coming from a bigger establishment than yours. And they are equally set in their ways.
Bring such caliber of staff in, only when very necessary. (You will know as your industry and your goals would dictate)

Do not be in a hurry to hire but don’t waste time either to let a disgruntled or uncooperative staff go — after due diligence. (Many years back, a new venture of mine collapsed before my eyes because of sentiments I had for my two old staff who should have been asked to go) If you have to fire: follow your labour laws and prior agreement.

If your business gets sick and dies, nearly all the employees fraternizing and praising you as a nice boss would leave.
It happened to me more than once.

You will feel betrayed, lonely and suddenly naked!

Even if the business is doing well, any of your staff could still leave based on their own best of judgement. It is simply about self-preservation at play – a free world.
(The two above left on their own accord when they realized the ship had capsized.I Couldn’t stop them…)

So don’t get too sentimental, take care of your business too.
Of course being courteous to your staff is a humane thing to do. It is also expected that such gesture would translate to a high morale, with positive results for the business and good customer experience.

It is a delicate balancing act, managing human resources in any enterprise. There are theories and tools for guidance but there is also a place for a matured and emotionally balanced leadership.

It is not easy. It comes with well-honed social experience, critical observation and intuition.

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The Quest for Leadership Skills: How to Truly Become a Leader

Who is a true leader? How are they identified? And how are they raised?

Sometime ago, I recall watching a group of young kids – average of about 3 years of age – at a children’s birthday party. Complete strangers most of them were to each other. They were dancing and enjoying themselves. Their parents and other adults were equally chatting away and enjoying the ambience of the party.Continue reading

Where Great Business Ideas Come From?

We are told that ideas rule the world! This is very true.

Now; let me guide you on how to arrive at great ideas for your business.

By the way, in coming up with concrete ideas, many business owners seek such lists bandied around for their new venture.
Pardon me, for reasons I would give much later, I don’t have an idea to impose on you.

But there is a much wiser way to get:
An idea that you own.
An idea that you can tame.
An idea that will excite you and your consumers.

Before we proceed…Continue reading

Understanding Innovation Management In Business

Before we delve into our topic, there is a need to make a quick clarification about how to define innovation.

There are three types of innovation in managing a business for success:

  1. Innovation is that creative input into your product that is welcomed by your targeted consumers.
  2. Innovation can be about making the internal workings of your business to be more efficient.
  3. Innovation can also be about how the business engages all external factors, to enable the business run smoothly.

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CEO Alert: Make An Effective Business Decision For Any New Year

Get Rid Of Your Anxiety!

As a CEO or a Managing Director, when the (financial) year is coming to its very end you may start becoming restless and apprehensive. You want to make effective business decisions for the New Year. You are not alone.

This is irrespective of whether your organization has posted good financials in the outgoing year or not. The bulk stops at your table for the next cycle of things. You should desire a more successful outcome of the expectant year.

Keep Your Peace

I am going to take you through some simple ways to remove the cobweb of anxiety from your mind.Continue reading

What Are They Saying About Your Business?

The way you have built a culture in your company, will influence how your staff would interact with the public.
Every business should endeavor to know what image and message they are conveying to the public.

It is important to know what impressions the public have about your organization.
Such a periodical exercise of an objective appraisal if positive must be sustained and marked for improvement.

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