Employees, Human Resources, Training and Development
By Muyiwa Osifuye / July 27, 2018

How To Get The Best From Your Employee Training

Think a second… Are your employee trainings giving you immediate results? Maybe or maybe not. Look up many courses and...

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Leadership, Planning, Strategic Planning
By Muyiwa Osifuye / March 2, 2018

The 9 Proven Steps CEOs Can Take To Make Business Strategies Work!

In our private lives, we set out personal goals and objectives. Within a family, there are expectations -- be it...

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Employees, Human Resources, Job Description, Leadership
By Muyiwa Osifuye / September 18, 2017

Your Employees, Your Business and You!

Jobs should not be personalized around a team member. That is a recipe for failure in performance. The duty or...

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Audio, Marketing
By Muyiwa Osifuye / August 19, 2017

27 Years of Customer Retention: 9 Collective Lessons from a Doctor, a Barber and a Tailor

Here is the audio. You can read the article here>>> Listen here Get the free Audio downloaded (High Resolution) Or...

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By Muyiwa Osifuye / July 25, 2017

Are You Always Stressed Out As A Small-Business Owner?

An entrepreneur is a different animal. Each of us has a unique routine which we unconsciously deploy in our quest...

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business idea, Marketing
By Muyiwa Osifuye / June 20, 2017

Where Should You Actually Look For Business Ideas? : There Is An Idea For Everyone

There is an idea for everyone -- even in your small business. You can discover yours! Come with me… The...

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By Muyiwa Osifuye / May 15, 2017

The Quest for Leadership Skills: How to Truly Become a Leader

Who is a true leader? Sometime ago, I recall watching a group of young kids - of about 3 years...

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