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Our Vision for Business Owners

Stom and Ruby Services (Small Business Coaching and Consultancy)

To help you achieve two basic goals.

• to attain self-improvement on entrepreneurship, with focus on the simple basics that actually work in the real world of business.

• to provide you the needed advice about life, which inspite of all your efforts as an entrepreneur, must be worthwhile.

Afterall, we believe both must go together, while nurturing a successful business and living a fulfilled life on your own terms; however with respect to the sensibilities of others. 

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Q&A series

Our Guests:


CEO, Web Traffic That Works, Australia


Founder of Unity Marketing, USA


CEO & Founder, Mike Bosworth Leadership, USA


CEO & Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc.USA



Words from Clients

"My wife and I did not know that the name of the business was limiting...restrictive..." (A restaurant and Sharwama outlet) Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Abbas A.

Company Name: (A restaurant and Sharwama outlet) Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Designation: Owner / CEO

"Definitely you have what it takes to turn businesses around, really you have revived my consciousness from "service lane to fast lane", I have re-engaged the front gear!" (CEO, Brokerage Firm, Lagos, Nigeria)  

Sam Oladipupo

Company Name: Brokerage Firm, Lagos, Nigeria
Designation: CEO

"That's a brilliant idea, I never thought of..." (President/CEO of Ya**h-G Global Insurance Brokers, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria)


Company Name: Ya**h-G Global Insurance Brokers, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria
Designation: President/CEO

"I'm going to rethink things along the lines you've suggested. I will do as you've said and look at the areas you mentioned. I never really thought about it. I was always of the opinion that... I am extremely happy I had this chat with you. I think the services you offer is wonderful and highly needed" (Dentist, Ibadan, Nigeria)


Company Name: Ibadan, Nigeria
Designation: Dentist